Personal Narrative

 Have your cousins ever lived with you? My cousins moved in . Now I share a room with my cousin Naiomi and my other cousin Carter and my other cousin Naila has her  own room. Naiomi goes into her room to use her skin care stuff and I go in there to use her tv. After school we do our homework. We all have desks at different places. If we have all our homework done we get a treat if we talk during homework you get none. After that we have a family meeting we tell each other jokes then we all take showers and go to bed then if we have no school the next day we go shopping for the girls but the boys go to the movies to go see a scary movie then we switch in two hours but for the boys instead of shopping they go get robes and socks and papers after that we go home if we come home at night we have a scary movie night with lot of popcorn after that we go to sleep we set a alarm at midnight and get up for a midnight snack we go to a drive thru like mcdonalds because it’s open for 24 hours we usually get the family meal but if were to hungry we get our own last weekend I got chicken nuggets with barbecue now for this weekend it’s a family meal when we get back home we go to sleep after we eat are food then we if we go on a trip the next day after we eat and sleep we wake up again we get mcdonalds at twelve am but for a trip it’s 1 for a trip I wake everybody up and get ready like get my hair done my cousin naila takes longer on trips because she has to do her skin care stuff because she takes to long we end …up leaving at two am but I hog the bathroom so I can do my hair and my makeup and get ready we get in the biggest car then my job for the next trip is to lock all the doors make sure our dog has a lot of food and water then we leave but then it always ends up that someone forgets something so we go back I unlock the door for them because I’m the only one who has a key then we 

leave we usually go to beach trips we went to south carolina beach on the way there I always go to sleep.we were there at 3:49am then after a few days we went back to school and the weekend came fast so we got up midnight went back to mcdonalds and got a family meal then after that we went to home then went home then watched raven home the next day my dad got a new car!